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My story starts as a photographer around 2005, back then I was an avid fisherman, writing various articles for magazines like Bush and Beach, I was also actively involved in various fishing forums  and product testing for various companies, often going on fishing trips with writers and photographers, after a brief encounter with a professional camera being put in my hands, I knew the simple point and shoot camera would no longer satisfy my needs. I soon purchased my first Digital SLR and that began my chapter as a photographer.

Around 2006 I started taking photos at the Tough Tracks 4x4 Challenge, for nearly 6 years straight I didnt miss an event as a photographer, I also covered SSS Winch Challenge, Coopers Rally at Landcruiser Mtn Park, Opposite Lock Challenge which has now been renamed to Rockit 4x4 Challenge and Offroad Expo at Landcruiser Mountain Park.


Unfortunately around 2012 I had a severe mental break down and ended up walking away from all forms of photography till 2017 when I got convinced to pick up the camera again and I havent looked back since


I've had photos published in various 4wd Magazines, had prints published and sold nationally and internationally and viewed and seen all around the world thanks to the power of social media


Where does the name Capture the Dog come from?

Well, its no lie and I'm not ashamed to admit my disability, thanks to a lot more understanding these days, I battle mental illness, I have depression, agoraphobia and PTSD, while not diagnosed professionally, a lot of signs also point to me being slightly on the spectrum. So the name comes from the first element, Depression, its an uphill battle that i've fought for most of my life but when I have a camera in my hand and a subject to shoot, I find that I keep the black dog of depression at bay and give my life some focus.


With the help of my amazing wife and support from family and friends I have an assistance dog called Zelda through mindDog Australia, she is with me 24/7 and helps channel my mind when things are a bit rocky, the love of a dog can help cure a broken mind.



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